Brand Bros Fluid Fruit Cider

Brand Bros from Pfalz →

The Brand Bros, Daniel and Jonas are running the family estate since 2014 & mostly produce natural wine in Bockenheim. They are the fifth generation of winemakers in their family.
The Brand brothers prove that the ideals of natural wine production are also good for sparkling apple wine: their cider is organically grown, fermented spontaneously, bone-dry. Unfiltered and without sulfur. The result is a crisp, fresh, extremely drinkable cider.
You immediately find the intense notes of a high-quality, naturally cloudy apple juice and for us wine lovers, there is also a subtle reduction. On the palate, however, the structure and the juicy acidity set the tone that your mouth will water and you look forward to the next sip - until the bottle is surprisingly empty. The cider was filled with a little yeast, it tastes best when shaken. Please open carefully, the cider likes to overflow!
Germany / Pfalz
Made from Prinz Albrecht apples.
Fermentet inbarriques and stainless steel tanks.