Drudgaard Cider

Drudgaard from Funen →

At Drudgaarden we make natural wine and wild cider  We are the third generation on the farm - the first generation as winemakers - based in Ebberup on West Funen (Denmark). 

Neither in the fields nor in the wine do we use chemicals and therefore work closely with nature to create optimal conditions for vines, insect life and plant diversity. 

Our wines are alive and express the vintage. Therefore, they vary from year to year. However, the focus is always on immediate drinking enjoyment, freshness and the typicality of grapes. 

We have about 3,000 vines. The varieties are Solaris, Muscaris, Regent, Rondo, Sauvignac, Souvignier Gris, VB 32-7, Rondo, Schönburger and Cabernet Cortis.