• Christian Binner - Verdammi 2018 - Fluid Fruit

Christian Binner - Verdammi 2018

Normalpris €16,50

Christian Binner - VERDAMMI Pét Nat 

 (Pétillant de fruits) Fruit Pét Nat made from Mirabelle, Pear and Muscat grape.

Country: France

Region: Elsass

No Sulfites, no filtration

75 cl

Christian Binner us usually known for producing exceptional wines from Alsace - but this time he looked around his domain and found some other fruit to combine them into something very special. The combination of a acidic Mirabelle, the creaminess of the pear and the spice and structure of the Muscat grape is unbelivable tasty and very unique.

The domain Christian Binner is located in the Alsatian heartland, close to the city of Colmar and the border to Germany and to Switzerland. The estate Binner has passed down the fine art of wine making from father to son since 1770. The production is firmly based on organic and biodynamic values. They work without chemical products or pesticides in order to respect our environment and the fragile cycle of life.

wild fermented, nothing added with respect and love for nature and fruit.