• Decideret - Spontan (2019+2020) - Fluid Fruit
  • Decideret - Spontan (2019+2020) - Fluid Fruit

Decideret - Spontan (2019+2020)

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Decideret- Spontan (2019 + 2020)

Vinous and fruity brut nature rosé from apples and blackcurrant.First a wild fermented cider made from garden apples from Fyn. Then a carbonic maceration with whole clusters of organicblackcurrants from Kurt in the Southern part of Zealand. Bottledin the autumn 2020. Disgorged by hand.

Style: Cider macerated with blackcurrant

Sweetness: Dry

Apple varieties: Mixed garden apples+ blackcurrant

Region apples: Fyn

Region blackcurrant: Southern Zealand (Stubberup)

Vinification: Nordhavn, Copenhagen

Organic: Yes (apples not certified / blackcurrant certified)

Fermentation: Spontaneous

Maceration: Yes (4 weeks with whole cluster blackcurrant (carbonic),summer 2020)

Filtration: No

Disgorgement: Yes (autumn 2020)

Added sulphites: Yes (Total SO2: 18 ppm)

wild fermented, nothing added with respect and love for nature and fruit.