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Klaar Fruchtfermente - HOLI JULIA

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Klaar Fruitferments - HOLI JULIA

Pomquette de thé  Boskop pomace infused with a tea made from dried and fresh elderflower, macerated again and then pressed. Elderberries and forest-honey were added, fermented and brought to the bottle during fermentation.    

Style:  Hybrid of Pomquette & Met.  Here an aromatic tea was used instead of water to pour on the marc. We use the blossom and berries of elder and add honey.    

Characteristics:  4% vol. / dry  no sulfites added (18 mg / l)   

Bubbly fresh with notes of red berries, elderberries, earthy and floral.

wild fermented, nothing added with respect and love for nature and fruit.