Cider &
Fruit Pét Nat

What is this all about?





The description of the term “Cider” is not that easy these days – especially within the field where our producers work in. Their expression and way of creating a Cider is equivalent to the method and approaches like natural wine is being made – wild fermented, nothing added with respect and love for nature and fruit.
So a general term for this kind of Cider could be “Natural Cider”.
“Natural”, “raw”, “naked”, “non-sulphited”, “vivants”… You can call it however you want, the spirit is still the same: organically grown fruit, made with low-intervention by craftmanship.
Even though most of these beverages include apples and pears, they are quite far away from the method and common way of producing Cider. The “Methode Ancestal” is a term & process that exists in the wine world for ages and basically means sparkling wine or “Pét-nat” or “pétillant naturel”.

How to produce a Pét Nat?

Take the juice of whatever fruit (apple, grape, pear,plum, etc) while it is still fermenting and turning sugar into alcohol, fill it in bottles and cork them. In that way the fermentation will finish in the bottle and create natural bubbles.
Because most of the producers you will find over here are using this methode to produce their cider or co-ferments, you could call it “Cider Pét Nat” and/or “Fruit Pét Nat”.

Even though the major percentage of our beverages will be apple, it would still be possible to specify the Pét Nat by the fruit that´s been added : “Plum Pét Nat”, “Cherry Pét Nat”, “Blackcurrant Pét Nat” and so on.
One reason why sparkling wine was produced this way back in the days is simple – it was very cost efficient.
You did not need a huge production line, less vessels for racking or machinery to carbonate.

This movement is still in the very first steps of creating a natural expression of what is actually possible. We are going to explore the world of cider, wine & Pét Nat made from apples, berries or stone fruits.

We like the idea of borders in between wine, cider & beer are becoming blurred.

These producers, we represent are pushing boundaries and exploring new fields of flavour combinations, while using traditional methods.

So we thought that we create a platform dedicated to the beautiful and diverse world of Cider & Fruit Pét Nat.

They deserve to be categorised in countries, flavours, terroir and vinification just like wine made from grapes.

This field shouldn’t be just a side section on Restaurant Menus, Bottle Shops or Online Shops!

Join us on this exciting journey.