Deicderet Copenhagen


"In Denmark we are blessed with apples that balances a tart acidity with a fruitful apple sweetness. Our cider culture is on the other hand depleted. Our food culture has been elevated with the new nordic kitchen - now it is time to take a look at what we drink.

We want to prove that apple cider can be as complex as wine, quenchy as kombucha, sour as lambic, and as fruitful as freshly squeezed juice.

We crush and press apples, ferment juice into cider, and bottle it. Our cider comes in big bottles, small bottles and kegs - cider can be kept well in both a wine cellar and in a breast pocket. Some ciders are to be drunk young and fresh with a full throttle apple flavour. Other ciders gain complexity when aged in oak or through maceration. For all our ciders we can say that they are wild fermented and that they are made solely from Danish apples with little intervention. Our focus is on craftsmanship, experimentation and reducing food waste.

In Copenhagen we distribute a fair amount of our ciders ourselves on an electric cargo bike with a trailer. Good for our legs and for the climate."