Klaar - Fruchtfermente - Fluid Fruit

Klaar - Fruchtfermente

Klaar Fruchtfermente

klaar [kl: aar] '{adj}

Dutch for - pure, ready, finished


The name we have chosen - klaar - has its origins in Dutch & north German dialect.

The fruits we use come from "altes Land" near Hamburg. This was first drained by the technique mastered by the Dutch colonists, making the fertile soil usable for fruit growing.

The meaning - pure, ready, finished - describes the fruit we use, which is only refined by our processing.


The common passion for culinary art was the starting point for the idea.
Thoughts about how food and drinks are produced and consumed led to the decision to produce something of our own. Not only this common interest, but also the previous profession brought us together.

Felix - trained winemaker, chef & food stylist
Arno - trained chef, service & sommelier

As the enthusiasm for organic and natural wines grew, so did the interest in the natural process of alcoholic fermentation. Since Hamburg's surroundings are not known for its magnificent vineyards, we oriented ourselves towards the fruits, which are grown in large quantities in the "Altes Land", very close to Hamburg.

We produce cider and other refreshing drinks by reinterpreting and combining techniques from cuisine, viticulture and cider traditions. As far as possible, we avoid all unnatural additives.

We dedicate ourselves to this project with joy, attention and craftsmanship.