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Klaar Fruchtfermente - Bâtonnage Boskop

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Klaar Fruchtfermente - Bâtonnage Boskop

Non sparkling cider    

100% Boskop    

Pure Boskop cider was stored on the yeast for 2 months after fermentation. This was stirred up every week, which is called bâtonnage in viticulture.    

Style:  Pure Boskop non-carbonated cider aging on the yeast and bâtonnage makes the tart, sour Appelwoi more round and pleasing.    

Properties:  7.5% vol. / dry / unfiltered / slight addition of sulfur when filling as there is no protection from carbonic acid (32 mg / l)    

Slightly cloudy style wine with aromas of green apples and full bodied yeast notes. Light and open complement the dry, juicy bitter structure of Boskop.  

wild fermented, nothing added with respect and love for nature and fruit.